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Interesting Point - Case Study

Interesting Point provide point of interest files (POIs) for Garmin, TomTom and Navman satnavs, as well as for Google Maps and Google Earth. The brief we received from the client was to design and build a unique website. The client cited Dropbox as a website that embodied the look and feel that they wanted.


Our strategy here was to closely follow the requirements of our client, as you would expect. We normally take a brief from a client that requires some significant creative input from us before a site design is presented to a client. In the case of Interesting Point, we had to create excellent visuals – including drawings - according to the tight specification. It was so important in this project to get the visuals correct, that a great deal of time was spent in this area. It was also critical that the site resized nicely for mobile phones and tablets


We are delighted with the work that Miltec Digital have done on the Interesting Point website. From some rough notes and even rougher sketches they captured our design requirements perfectly and created exactly what we had in mind, with suitable improvements. We were carefully steered through the considerations and decisions that had to make at all stages, and we were kept updated and informed throughout the entire process.

Our website scales beautifully when viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets which, as well as being important in terms of search engine optimisation, is a vital element in our future marketing plans. The numerous compliments we have received since the site has gone live bear testament to the success of the design and build. We are delighted to recommend Miltec Digital to anyone who is looking for a technically skilled and customer-minded digital agency. You really need to give these guys a try”.

Dave McKay - Interesting Point

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