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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's natural or organic search results. Businesses use search engine optimisation as an effective way of building organic traffic to their websites and thus increasing the amount of potential customers that view their products or services. Unlike Pay Per Click traffic, SEO campaigns can take time to generate results, but improved  search engine rankings and levels of traffic that can be achieved can help to take your business to the next level.


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Our SEO process


Research plays an absolutely vital role in all of our SEO projects. Every client is unique, their products and services are all vastly different and their target industries and demographics are often highly specific. Drilling down into these specific details provides vital insights that can be invaluable when developing a targetted campaign that will deliver equally exceptional results.


The next stage in our process is in depth analysis of the online competition. Which keywords are generating significant traffic? What type of content is delivering results in the SERP’s? Where can we effectively source high quality backlinks for our client? These are all questions that require in-depth analysis and the results of that analysis provide the backbone for our campaigns.


Now we can move into the creative phase of the process, using all the information from our research and analysis we can craft engaging copy that will not only work for search engines, but engage potential visitors and provide them with the answers that they are looking for.  With  unique, engaging copy that appeals to the target demographic, the whole process is set on course for success.


Backlinks used to be ‘the be all and end all’ of SEO 5 years ago. Things have changed drastically over the last few years, backlinks are still important today but the way we view them has completely changed, it really is a case of quality over quantity and the true value of an SEO agency is the ability to source these relevant quality backlinks for their clients.


Our clients play a vital role in all of our campaigns, the closer we can work together the more chance of success we have. Education and reporting are two things that we take very seriously, if we can educate our clients and keep them up to date with campaign developments then trust is developed and that is something that we value above all else. Relationships are everything to us.

Platforms We Use For SEO

search consoleSearch Console is a service offered by Google that allows you to monitor your sites presence and performance on the search engine. Its free to use and offer some valuable insights.

majesticMajestic SEO is a link index database that allows you to analyse, track and assess the backlinks that any website has. Needless to say it's a great piece of software that is invaluable to our seo services.

serpstatSerpstat is an all in one SEO/PPC platform that allows users to analyse backlinks, conduct keyword research, audit websites and track rankings. A fantastic tool that we use for a lot of our client reporting.

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  • We have well over 20 years of industry experience
  • We take a collaborative, results based approach to our work
  • We thrive on strong relationships with all our clients

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