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Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

Q. Why is conversion rate improvement important?

A. It is the single most important step in making your web site profitable.

A web site can rank #1 on Google. but it will not be profitable unless it turns visitors into customers.

Clearly, it’s far better to convert 5% of your visitors into customers than 2%.. but how can that be achieved?

It starts with analysing and understanding exactly why your visitors behave like they do.  Gaining an insight into the thought processes behind their behaviour enables us to design strategies that modify those behaviours, streamlining their journey and ultimately delivering a better conversion rate.

As essential part of improving your conversion rate is the ability to 'split test' one version of a page against another.
This allows us to test out ideas for improving conversions and refine the site accordingly.

Miltec have developed a 'Split Test' software solution that achieves results faster than other commercial alternatives.


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Our CRO Process

Initial Analysis

The first step in any website CRO project is to gather an accurate reading of the statistics as they currently stand. By doing this we can set improvement targets and financial goals that align with the clients needs.


Once we know where we stand we can get down to creating a design for the way we believe the website or web page should look, in order to make the most out of each visitor. At times big changes are needed, other times the changes are more subtle.


Next comes the implementation phase, we create stand alone pages with our updated designs and the split run test the new pages against the current ones using in house developed software. This allows us to achieve statistically significant results very quickly and deliver great results.

Further Analysis

After the initial tests have been run, we once again analyse the statistics to see if there are any areas for further improvement, this process can then be repeated a number of times until we reach the required improvement targets.

Tools We Use For CRO

search consoleSearch Console is a service offered by Google that allows you to monitor your sites presence and performance on the search engine. Its free to use and offer some valuable insights.

adwords editorGoogle AdWords Editor is an Adwords management software & power tool that allows you to manage large AdWords accounts.

analyticsGoogle Analytics enables us to track user data in real time, allowing for powerful insights as to how people are viewing and interacting with your website.

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